Fleischmann combines tradition and state-of-the-art technology.

As a high-quality company we set the standard when it comes to prototype fidelity and functionality. Our aim is to enthrall novices and experts alike and to be the enduring long-term partner for a fascinating hobby that spans all generations. We achieve this with the true-to-detail design and the reliability of our models and with innovations that offer a new dimension in the play value and fun factor. The high commitment to quality that has characterised Fleischmann for more than 125 years has ensured our company’s position as an internationally leading brand for model railways.

Quality - the common denominator: model railway fascination in H0 and N. Fleischmann focusses on the two gauges H0 and N. 
The H0 scale has always been the focal point of German railway history. Fleischmann is not only the specialist for steam locomotives, it also brings the railway of the future onto the tracks with the very latest model developments such as the ICE BR 407.
Small-scale greatness. Its comprehensive range in the N scale makes Fleischmann the international market leader in this sector. There are over 350 highly detailed models to choose from in the space-saving 9-mm gauge. Continuous and targeted extension of the range will allow Fleischmann to expand its competitive edge in the future.

Our values:

Quality: Fleischmann puts its faith in high-quality manual craftsmanship based on top engineering skills and qualified employees.
Innovation: Fleischmann stands for advanced technology and is a pioneer in the linking of the virtual and the real game world (Z21 model railway control).
Partnership with the trade and with customers – linked by the special common love and passion for model railways as well as by our prompt and permanent high-quality Service.
Pleasure in the products and in the work..

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